Do you want to live in The Hague or sell your house? With pleasure we offer you our assistance.

Buying assistance
We understand that moving to another country is a big step and that is requires a lot of time. Especially when it comes to collecting reliable information. What is a reasonable price? What if the house contains hidden defects? We will be delighted in helping you to find your home. With our sincere passion for real estate and many years of experience in the housing market of the Hague, we are confident we won't let you down.

Selling assistance
When you are selling your house, you want it to be as fast as possible with the best financial result.  Besides selling houses in the old-fashioned way, we are very active online. Nowadays your first visiting will probably come from behind a computer- or telephone screen.

If you want to buy a new house, sell your house or just want to know what your house is worth at the moment? MTV Makelaardij assists you in rating your home in short notice and draw up a solid taxation report.

Call (070) 346 75 79 for more information

"Thanks a lot for your support, it was really precious. Without you I would be still lost around the street of Den Haag!! Thanks also for the card I found yesterday at my door.
It was a very very nice thought. I hope I’ll enjoy the city and the apartment and I hope to find a lot of people like you.

Thanks again,